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Skin Cancer Checks

Early detection of skin cancer can save lives!

At Alphington Medical Centre we strive for patient well-being and are commited to early detection and prevention of all skin cancers & melanomas. Through the use of our brand new Mole Max system, early detection and prevention has never been easier.

What is Mole Max?

Mole Max is a highly effective surveillance program allowing us to mole map your entire body from top to toe.
Mole mapping is a crucial role in early detection of most skin cancers, especially melanoma.

Mole Max uses many dermoscopic features specific to detection of melanoma and other skin cancers not visible to the naked eye.

Using Mole Max is a comfortable non-invasive way for our doctors to address your skin concerns.

What is Mole Mapping?

Mole mapping is when a set of total body photographs is used to establish a base-line of all moles and skin spots present on your body. These photographs are used in follow up consults to continually check for new or changing moles, most melanomas appear as a new mole. Through the use of our Mole Max surveillance program we can create carefully selected microscopic images of the skins current presentation and marks, these are later stored for diagnosis and future digital comparison.

What are the benefits to Skin Checks?

Early detection and treatment is vital in prevention and management of skin cancers. With early detection most skin cancers can be cured.