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4Cyte Pathology has a collection centre at the Clinic which is open Monday to Friday 8.00am – 1.00pm. All request forms are accepted. 4Cyte Pathology phone number: 13 42 98.


Back In Motion physiotherapists consult with our patients here at Aspendale Clinic, appointments can be booked by calling Back In Motion Aspendale Gardens directly on 9580 1985. Further information on the services provided can be found on their website.

Teaching / Student doctors

The Aspendale Clinic is a registered teaching Clinic and regularly has student Doctors observing consultations. If a medical student is observing consultations on the day of your appointment, you will be asked if you give your consent for the medical student to be in the consultation room along with your regular Doctor. However, please note that it is within your rights to not give your permission and if so, the medical student will not sit in on your consultation with the Doctor.


Nader studied at La Trobe University in Melbourne where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences and a Masters of Podiatric practice. In his time working as a podiatrist Nader established himself as a podiatry mentor, assisting and training new graduate podiatrists in their first year of podiatric practice. He looks to the ever-evolving field of sports podiatry and is able to construct customised biomechanical treatment plans for his patients.

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