Employee sickness is costing Australian businesses some 33 billion dollars each year.

A recent survey suggests that employee sickness is costing Australian businesses some 33 billion dollars each year in productivity and payroll costs.

Establishing an effective workplace health scheme with employee health check-ups is a great way to combat these losses. Workplace health care programmes can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce added work stresses
  • Ensure employee job satisfaction, morale, and security

Not only does staff absenteeism affect your business bottom line but the flow-on effects of added work stress and poor morale for other staff members can be detrimental to employee job satisfaction and overall staff morale.

A corporate healthcare programme will promote healthy lifestyle choices and raise awareness of health issues. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, and smoking and alcohol abuse are all issues that may affect any one of your employees but an effective healthcare programme can make a real difference.

Frequently, there are predisposing factors that when identified early enough can allow preventative measures to be implemented. Annual check-ups and education are important tools that you can use to ensure your work force stays active, healthy and enthusiastic. It’s important that you, as a caring employer, take steps to model and encourage optimal healthcare choices –regular check-ups are an important part of that healthy lifestyle.

We can develop a corporate healthcare prevention package to suit your workplace requirements. A corporate healthcare Prevention programme could include:


  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Pre-employment functionals
  • Manual Handling training programs
  • Drug and Alcohol screening
  • Blood Tests
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Weight Loss programs
  • Urinanalysis

We can develop a corporate healthcare Management package to suit your workplace requirements. A corporate healthcare Management programme could include:


  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Health Surveillance
  • Employee Health Assessment
  • Flu-vax onsite
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol

The result: happier, healthier employees with more energy and enthusiasm for their work, greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, and increased staff loyalty.

Call us today to organise your corporate healthcare package and let us show you how we can get your staff moving.

Skin Cancer Clinic

1,200 Australians die every year from melanoma

Unfortunately, Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world. Skin cancer (melanoma) is the 4th most common cancer in Australia. The reality is that every day around 30 Australians will discover they have melanoma and sadly, some 1,200 will die every year from melanoma.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Melanoma is usually very easy to treat with a very high success rate but the vital key is early detection. Regular skin checks will give you peace of mind and allow for further examination and timely intervention if any unusual spots are detected.

Around 95% of melanomas are caused by exposure to the sun. Our love of the outdoors and the brilliant Australian sunshine can make a lethal combination. You can still enjoy all the best that Australia has to offer but take some precautions to limit your exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Remember to:

  • Cover up; wear a sunhat and long sleeves—there is no such thing as a healthy tan
  • Use a good sun block
  • Avoid outdoor activities in the middle of the day when the UV rays are at their most intense—this is true even on cloudy days
  • Be wary of using tanning beds

Early detection and increasingly effective treatments with the latest drugs mean that there is a very high probability of a completely successful outcome with melanoma cancers. You need to get your skin checked regularly by your health professional.

Treatment may be as simple as using liquid nitrogen to freeze the area, burning or surgical removal under local anaesthetic.

Happiness is truly more than skin deep but those dark moles on the surface could be masking a very real threat. See us now for a thorough examination of any potentially dangerous skin changes.

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