Doctor Details
Doctor Name Dr. Barbara Iakovidis
Department 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring, 24 Hour ECG Holter Monitoring, Circulation Testing, Flu Vaccination, Iron Infusions, Travel Medicine

Profile Description

Dr. Barbara Iakovidis graduated from Monash University in 2002. She is skilled in all areas of general practice and family medicine but has a special interest in women’s health, paediatrics, sexual health and reproductive health. She performs Implanon insertion. Barbara has a keen interest in lifestyle medicine and supporting patients through physical and emotional challenges. She is known for her warm, empathetic style and sense of humour! She has worked in the Camberwell area as a General Practitioner for over 12 years and loves being part of the local community and achieved her fellowship in general practice in 2006. Barbara is married with 2 children and enjoys singing and theatre, baking delicious things and keeping fit and active.