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Remedial Massage Therapy

Hi my name is Jamie, I am excited to tell you that I have 9 years of experience working with injuries of all kinds, I am renowned for the results I attain, the passion I have and my genuine nature, as it takes the right person who will listen to you, work with you and care for you, in the most professional and effective way possible – to get the best results possible.

I have worked with people of all ages, athletes with acute injuries, instructed baby massage for parents needing assistance bonding with their baby, and/or relieving their little one of stomach pains, teenagers with growing pains, desk workers with carpal tunnel syndrome, the elderly with chronic pain and cancer patients for calming and pain relief, this includes children and elderly patients.
The most common things I treat are back pain, posture imbalances, neck pain and headaches.

I have worked in football clubs (local and professional), soccer clubs (professional), alternative therapy businesses, medical clinics, wellness centres, and I built a home business which then transitioned into a successful clinic in Newcastle NSW, where I employed a professional therapist like minded to myself.

I now work amongst medical professionals and alternative therapy’s, here at the Camberwell junction medical clinic I can help you out of pain, relieve you of your headaches, heal you of chronic aches and assist you out of depression states caused by the body breaking down, let me facilitate your best self and allow you to be free of restrictions.

If you think good help is hard to find, think again and let me do what I do best!

Private Health Rebates may apply, speak to our friendly reception team for more information!