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1TramadolNervous System3484J
2PromethazineAlimentary Tract And Metabolism, Respiratory System3488N
3PhytomenadioneBlood And Blood Forming Organs10213M
4MolnupiravirAntiinfectives For Systemic Use13144T
5MidazolamNervous System10178Q
6MethoxyfluraneNervous System3489P
7LidocaineCardiovascular System, Dermatologicals, Nervous System10209H
8Hyoscine ButylbromideAlimentary Tract And Metabolism3473T
9Glyceryl TrinitrateCardiovascular System3475X
10Glucagon HydrochlorideUncategorized3467L
11Furosemide 20 mg tabletCardiovascular System12222G
12Furosemide 20 mg/2 mL injectionCardiovascular System3466K
13Diphtheria + Tetanus VaccineAntiinfectives For Systemic Use3463G
14ClonazepamNervous System3478C
15BENZYLPENICILLIN 3gUncategorized3487M
16BenzatropineNervous System11265X
17ATROPINE SULFATEAlimentary Tract And Metabolism, Sensory Organs3453R
18Adrenaline (Epinephrine)Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System3451P