Coast study focusing on beating sore throats in children

IF your kids suffer from sore throats, the University of the Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials Centre is hoping to change your life.

The centre is working with Eclipse Medical at Maroochydore to assess the use of a new device for the rapid detection of a bacteria that commonly causes sore throats in children.

The Streptococcus bacteria can cause an infection known as Strep A, which primarily results in acute upper respiratory infection in school-aged children aged between five and 15.

Adults can also be affected and antibiotics are the standard treatment.

USC Clinical Trials Centre director, Lucas Litewka, said the new study would assess the use of a rapid-test device manufactured by ellume-lab with the aim of providing accurate, real-time testing for patients in the convenience of their doctors’ offices.

Mr Litewka said it was hoped the device would provide results within 10 minutes to enable earlier diagnosis and treatment to reduce the severity of symptoms and complications.

Principal investigator Dr Glen Mulhall, of Eclipse Medical, said a multitude of viruses could also cause a sore throat and upper respiratory tract symptoms.

“With an emphasis on the reduction of antibiotic use in general practice, it is exciting to be trialling a point-of-care product that may assist clinicians in determining a bacterial infection from a viral infection,” he said.

“If this can be demonstrated to patients, their clinicians can focus on appropriate care and reduce the antibiotic burden for individual patients and the community.”

Potential participants over the age of three who have experienced rapid onset of a sore throat and fever within five days are sought to take part in the trial.

The trial is a multi-centre study underway at six sites across Australia, with the USC Clinical Trials Centre as the lead site.

Interested people can go to or call 54563797.