Veterans Health

At Eclipse Medical Veterans Health is a key focus and also a personal interest for us. Veterans are the living patrons of our history and heritage.  Having provided  service to our country, we  resolve to provide them with quality, continuing care for all health complaints, both physical and mental. On the Sunshine Coast, there is a large veteran population who have decided to call this peaceful place home and Eclipse Medical looks after many of them, stemming from our experience and interest in Veteran’s health.

Owner and principal GP, Dr Glen Mulhall, himself is a veteran and has served as an Army Regimental Medical Officer both here in Australia and overseas. Dr Mulhall has an excellent understanding of these issues, maintains an affiliation with the RSL Sub-branch at Maroochydore and readily assists veterans with the complexities of the DVA system and  with  making claims. At Eclipse Medical, with the focus firmly on you, it is our mission to ensure that veterans’ mental and physical health needs are addressed in an expert manner. Service in the defence force often takes a hidden toll on veterans and often times they suffer in silence, regardless of whether the scars are mental or physical. The entire team at Eclipse Medical wishes to ensure that Veterans can continue to enjoy the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, and life in general to its utmost potential.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer screening and prevention are of primary importance when living in South East Queensland. Several of our GP’s here at at Eclipse Medical have a special interest in skin cancer detection and management. We utilise modern technology to aid in our diagnosis. We are able to diagnose and manage most skin cancers and appropriately refer when required. Skin cancer is a major cause of morbidity in Australia and regular skin checks and sun prevention are vital in detection in this process. So contact Eclipse Medical now and let reception know that you want to book for a skin check.

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Chronic Disease Management (Nurse Tailored Plans) – Diabetes, Nutrition ETC

If you have an ongoing medical condition you may be eligible for a Care Plan through Medicare. This provides you with 5 subsidized visits (Annually) to allied health practitioners i.e. dieticians, diabetes educators, podiatrists, chiropractors, osteopaths etc.

Care Plan Appointments:
Nurse – 45 Mins- The nursing staff will take an initial set of observations and draw up the care plan ready for the doctor to sign off.
Doctor – 15mins – Afterwards you will be required to see the doctor to read and sign off on the care plan for 15 mins

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Travel Medicine

At Eclipse Medical we can look after all your travel needs from pre-travel advice through until after your return.

Pre-travel advice involves more than just immunisations. Regardless of your destination or your current health, international travel comes with the risk of various health problems including trauma, altitude sickness, infections, and worsening of existing medical conditions.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice and provision of vaccinations , including Yellow Fever
  • Vaccination booklets
  • Preparation of documentation for carrying medication overseas
  • Travel health information
  • Preventative and treatment medications

We provide personalised advice based on your individual travel needs. To assist us with this, the following information should be brought to your appointment:

  • travel  itinerary
  • immunisation record, and
  • past medical history including allergies and current medications if you are a new patient to Eclipse Medical

It’s important to allow enough time for immunisations to be effective, so we recommend making an appointment at least 6-8 weeks prior to travel.

All of our Doctors are experienced in providing travel advice and Dr Suzette Pyke has a Certificate in Travel Medicine and membership of the International Society of Travel Medicine.

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Sports Injury

Sports injury management is important, particularly in a sport-oriented country like Australia.  Fractures happen as well when people are being fit and healthy and active as well of course as just slipping and falling over.Sports injury management  relates both to management of acute injuries as well as longer-term predicaments.  Our aim at Eclipse Medical is to maintain exceptional skill levels in this significant area, to provide you with a convenient and reliable service. Given our expertise, we may preclude you from having to attend the Emergency Department or access more costly specialist services, where that is not necessary.  Our dedicated sports injury management program is supported by active educational pursuits and is further aided by high level of integration with chronic disease management processes.  This facilitates important links with allied health personnel, who represent a key partner in management of many sports related injuries.

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Coal Board Medical and Health Scheme Assessments

Eclipse Medical is able to perform Coal Board Medicals or Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme Assessments (interim and full).

A requirement of the Queensland Coal Board is for an employee to undergo a Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme Assessment prior to starting employment or attending a mine site. These medicals are required to be performed by a nominated medical advisor.

Dr Glen Mulhall is a Nominated Medical Advisor to the Coal Worker’s health assessment scheme and can perform and sign off your medical. In partnership with Sunshine Coast Radiology who performs chest xrays to ILO standards we can facilitate all of these requirements.

Things you need to know:
After you have booked an appointment with HealthWorx at Eclipse Medical, Maroochydore, please ensure that you arrive at least half an hour prior to your appointment. This is important to ensure that you have sufficient time to complete all the requirements of your medical assessment and that you are able to fill out all of the forms that may be required.
Please bring along any documentation from your employer, all of your current medication(s), tests, X rays or scans that you may have had in the past and if you wear them, bring your glasses.

You will be required to pay for your medical on the day or your employer will arrange payment and then your documentation will be released to you and your employer

Please note: all coal mine workers in Queensland must have a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment completed on the approved form prior to working in a Queensland coal mine and thereafter at least once every 5 years.  Come to the experts – where the focus is you!

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Women's Health

We offer a range of services for women related to the following: Family Planning, Pregnancy and Maternity Care, Counselling, Osteoporosis, Menopause, cervical screening, Breast Checks & Mirena removal.

Implanon insertion and removal, Mirena
We provide Implanon insertion and removal. It is a highly effective, long-acting reversible contraceptive method, which is suitable for most women. Implanon appointments require an initial standard 15 minute consultation to discuss the procedure with your GP and a subsequent procedure appointment on an alternative day.

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Men's Health

Common health concerns for Men who present at Chapel Gate Medical Centre include: Prostate health, Penis problems, Sexual health, Male Pattern-Baldness, High Cholesterol & Depression.

It is recommended that Men see their GP on an annual basis.

Men have specific health needs that require attention at various points throughout their lifetime.

Men’s Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions

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Children's Health

Our GP’s are have extensive knowledge in children’s health. Some of the services you may want to consider for your child includes the following:

  • Newborn and toddler health
  • General health checks
  • 4-5 year old “healthy kid’s check” assessing school readiness
  • Vaccinations and immunization
  • Monitoring development
  • Childhood Milestones
  • Immunisation and Health Promotion
  • Healthy Kid checks 3-4 yrs
  • Access readiness for school provide opportunities for early screening for visual acuity, hearing, coordination

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Occupational Health/Medicine

Occupational health, here on the Sunshine Coast is important, as people here work to live, and don’t always live to work, as we enjoy such a beautiful place to call home. Many people choose to base themselves on the Sunshine Coast, but commute to other areas including trade work in Brisbane, regional and remote mining and other industrial work throughout the country ensuring their families can enjoy this lifestyle. Eclipse Medical, in partnership with Healthworx is focused on your occupational health and can assist with many aspects of employment screening and occupational testing.

Our services include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Audiometric testing
  • Lung function testing
  • Coal worker’s health assessments
  • Industrial screening
  • Commercial diving medicals
  • Commercial driving medicals
  • Workcover claim management
  • Employee and workplace immunisations
  • And now we are excited to announce Aviation Medicals

We perform this occupational health testing for many large companies on the Sunshine Coast and in partnership with other companies that perform screening nationally for their employees. We provide injury management services and employee immunisations to assist people in returning to work as soon as practically possible and improving their health and wellbeing while at work. This provide employees with stable and healthy employees to ensure the most productivity.

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Workplace Injury Management

Eclipse Medical coordinates all aspects of workplace injury management and assists our patients to return to work safely.  We understand that sustaining an injury at the workplace is stressful and often involves complex situations.  With significant experience in both physical and also psychological symptom management, and with a proven track record of collaboration with employers to find practical solutions to workplace risks, Eclipse Medical can offer you professional support when you need it most. 

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