Practice Information

Eclipse Medical Consultation Rates

Brief Consultation

Fee $36         

Rebate $18.50

Standard Consultation

Fee $78         

Rebate $38.20

Long Consultation

Fee $120       

Rebate $73.95

Prolonged consultation

Fee $160       

Rebate $108.85

Saturday Fees from 1 November 2020

Private Patient – $90

DVA Gold/White – $70

Pension/Health Care Cards – $70

Children under 16 – $60

You will be bulk billed if you hold valid pension card, health care card or child under 16 years of age.

For test results you may be bulk billed (however is at Dr’s discretion)

Due to the freeze on Medicare rebates and rising costs there will be small fees for dressings and Procedure fees to cover consumables.

The charges may vary from $4.40 to $8.80 for dressings.

Procedure fees from $24.20 for Pensioners & $39.50 for Non concession card holders

These items are not eligible for Medicare rebate.


Practice Staff


Practice Coordinators : Sara & Romy

Nurses : Romy RN, Cecilia RN, Rachel RN, Nicola RN

Receptionists: Mandy and Karen

After Hours Services

If you require after-hours medical attention, please phone National Home Doctor Service on 137 425. After hours home visits are readily available upon request. A copy of the consultation will be forwarded to your regular doctor.

Accident & Emergency Services

In extreme emergencies, such as severe breathing difficulties or severe chest pain, phone 000 and ask for the ambulance. If time permits, contact the surgery for additional assistance.


Eclipse Medical operates an appointment system, with 15-minute intervals however, we do keep a small number of spots available for emergencies.

When making your appointment please advise staff if you require a longer appointment to assists us in allocating the most appropriate time for your visit.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting and at Eclipse we try to adhere to appointment schedules. However, the unpredictable nature of medical practice means that doctors sometimes run behind time. This is mostly due to a patient requiring urgent medical attention. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to patients when we fall behind with our appointment schedule.

We would really appreciate if you no longer need your appointment if you would telephone to cancel.

Electronic Communication

Our practice is mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details, they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient consent needs to be obtained before engaging in electronic communication. Electronic communication includes email, facsimile and Short Message Service (SMS).

Communication with patients via electronic means is conducted with appropriate regard to privacy

Home Visits

Home visits are available for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery. These are usually scheduled after surgery hours and notification early in the day is appreciated.

Privacy Policy

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain the security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that the information is only available to authorised members of staff. If you have any concerns or wish to restrict access to your personal health information, please discuss this with your doctor or receptionist.

This practice abides by the ten National Privacy Principles and has a written privacy policy that is available to patients upon request. If you require a copy of your health record please speak to your doctor. If you wish to obtain a copy of previous health records, you must sign an authorisation.

Recall & Reminder Service

The practice has a reminder system in place to ensure test results are followed up. You may be contacted if you fail to keep an appointment. In order to promote preventative health care, this surgery provides a recall service to patients. Your doctor will seek your permission to be included in our recall system. If you do not want to participate, please contact reception staff.


In order to meet our legal and ethical obligations, all referrals require a consultation with the doctor.

Repeat Prescriptions

It is preferred that patients make an appointment for repeat prescriptions. At the discretion of the doctor, a repeat prescription may be issued without consultation and this will attract a $10.00 fee.

Telephone Access

Doctors can be contacted by telephone during normal surgery hours. If doctors are unavailable, they will return your call as soon as possible. Emergency calls will always be put through to a doctor.

Test Results

Doctors will contact patients whose test results are abnormal. If patients wish to discuss test results, it is preferred that another appointment be made. Receptionists are not permitted to discuss test results.

Translation & Interpreter Service

If you or a family member require an interpreter service we can provide this for you. For more information on this service, phone 131 450 or visit

If you or a family member require assistance accessing telephone appointments due to a hearing or speech impairment, help can be accessed through the National Relay Service Phone: TTY/voice calls 133 677 or Speak & listen 1300 555 727 or SMS 0423677767