Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

At Eclipse Medical we can look after all your travel needs from pre-travel advice through until after your return.

Pre-travel advice involves more than just immunisations. Regardless of your destination or your current health, international travel comes with the risk of various health problems including trauma, altitude sickness, infections, and worsening of existing medical conditions.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice and provision of vaccinations , including Yellow Fever
  • Vaccination booklets
  • Preparation of documentation for carrying medication overseas
  • Travel health information
  • Preventative and treatment medications

We provide personalised advice based on your individual travel needs. To assist us with this, the following information should be brought to your appointment:

  • travel  itinerary
  • immunisation record, and
  • past medical history including allergies and current medications if you are a new patient to Eclipse Medical

It’s important to allow enough time for immunisations to be effective, so we recommend making an appointment at least 6-8 weeks prior to travel.

All of our Doctors are experienced in providing travel advice and Dr Suzette Pyke has a Certificate in Travel Medicine and membership of the International Society of Travel Medicine.