Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s health is a primary care sub-specialisation that focuses on the range of biological and psychosocial issues that impact on a woman. At Eclipse Medical we take an integrated view of women’s health and aim to provide help in all aspects of this wide-ranging area.  We recognise the co-dependencies between organic, social, psychological, cultural and nutritional aspects of wellbeing. Areas of focus for women’s health include, but are not limited to reproductive health, contraception, osteoporosis, breast care, cancer screening, stress and mental health and menopause.

Our specific services also includes:

  • Implanon pre-counselling and insertion
  • Pap smears
  • Comprehensive contraception counselling and advice
  • Sexual health advice and STD testing
  • Mirena pre-counselling and insertion
  • Pre-natal counselling and advice.
  • Antenatal care and management
  • Menopause advice and treatment

Here at Eclipse, the patient is seen as a partner in management of her various health issues. One of the most important measures of success is prevention and we believe that prevention is only obtained through meaningful collaboration with our patients and with women’s health this is no exception.

Dr Suzette Pyke, a highly valued doctor in the Eclipse Medical team, has additional qualifications in women’s health, which includes a Diploma in Maternity. This means Dr Pyke can help with all your antenatal and postnatal needs, as well as long-term contraception such as Mirena insertion. Both Dr Viebek Morrell and Dr Carita Shield have extensive experience and extra training in women’s health and provide these services at Eclipse. All of our doctors are well equipped to assist with these issues.

Women’s Health Check

Women’s Health Check’s are available for booking.

This service includes:

  • Cervical Screening Test
  • Breast Check
  • Height & weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Urinalysis
  • education on other topics such as contraception, urinary continence , sexual function – personalised for your needs

Cost: $150 ( You can claim a Medicare rebate for this visit )

Please visit us at Eclipse Medical for all your women’s health needs, because our focus is you.