Employment Medicals and Health Assessments

Recruitment of new employees can be a challenging task, ensure your candidate is fit for the role by incorporating a Pre-Employment Medical. Pre-Employment Medicals are designed to assist you in ensuring your candidate is fit to perform their duties, alongside identifying any pre-existing injuries or ailments which may impact future workplace risk of injuries. Having a medical examination conducted prior to employment may result in savings in workers compensation premiums in the event of workplace injury or illness. 

Pre-Employment & Annual Screenings

Pre-Employment Screening ensures your candidates are physically fit for the role. Candidates will be assessed on their general health and wellbeing, and any job specific tasks they may be required to perform, such as lifting capacity or movement assessments.  You will receive a copy of the medical assessment, along with a recommendation from the health professional assessing your candidate against the role as to their suitability.   

Annual screenings are recommended for employees who work in high risk roles or environments, to ensure they maintain fitness to work safely in their positions. Lifestyle and physical capacity can be affected by work influences or personal circumstances but ultimately, keeping employees safe in the workplace is the priority.   

Additional Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Screening  
  • Audiometry 
  • Spirometry 
  • ECG and Stress
  • Testing Pathology 
  • Radiology 

Specialist Medicals & Industries

  • Mining 
  • Oil and Gas  
  • Construction and Maintenance 
  • Shipping and Logistics 
  • Police and Correctional Services 
  • Civil and Earthmoving 
  • Aviation and Marine Industries 

Same Day Results Service ​


  • Except pending pathology/radiology

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