FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) For REUSABLE MASKS

Can I buy more filters for these masks?

At this stage, we do not have filters for sale on their own – there are two separate filters provided with each mask. Please see the manufacturer’s recommendations for disinfection of the filters.

How long do the 2 filters last that are provided with the masks?

The manufacturer states the filters can last one month or more (each filter). Proper care should be taken to enable the best life of the filters. This includes never machine washing the filter (ie remove from the mask when washing the mask), inspecting the filters regularly for structural integrity. If the integrity of the filter is compromised (ie the filter is tearing or holes apparent), it should be immediately discarded.

How should I wash the mask?

The masks are made of cotton and can be machine or hand washed as desired, under a gentle or delicate cycle. Always remove the filter before washing the masks – and wash your hands after touching either the outside part of the mask or the filter.

Should I disinfect the filters and how?

The filters can be disinfected in several ways. Either UV disinfection (using UVC devices) or by spraying alcohol on the filter (70% or higher alcohol v/v which may be purchased at a pharmacy or supermarket). Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, after handling the filter.

Can I return my mask?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of masks for hygiene reasons.