Doctor Details
Doctor Name Dr Amit Prakash
Degree MBBS
Special Interests Diabetes, Chronic Disease Management, Complex Medical Conditions, Geriatric Medicine, Disability and Preventative Health. He also intends to gain further experience and Qualifications in Skin Cancer Medicine.
Languages English, Hindi.
Department Men’s Health


Dr Amit Prakash graduated from Ranchi University in India and has worked in India, Maldives and New Zealand before arriving in Australia in 2012.

Initially intending to specialize in General Medicine, he worked in Queensland and Hobart in a variety of medical specialties, but ultimately found his calling in General Practice.

Prior to joining General Practice, he was working as an Emergency Medicine Registrar in Latrobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon which familiarized him to the medical and social needs in our community in Gippsland.

He been working with us since September 2019 and is keen to continue to serve our community with over a decade of experience and knowledge behind him.

Dr Prakash is married with one child and his passions include travelling, reading and music.