Doctor Details
Doctor Name Dr Lucy Burns
Degree MBBS FRACGP Lifestyle Medicine Physician (ASLM) Cert. Medical Hypnosis
Department Men’s Health

Special Interest

Dr Lucy Burns is an experienced GP whose passion is lifestyle medicine. She is an approachable, enthusiastic practitioner who looks at lifestyle modification to prevent and treat disease. Her appointments are all 20 or 40 minutes. These appointments are in-depth and get to the root cause of your health problems. As such she is unable to bulk bill and continue to practice this style of “slow medicine”.

She specialises in weight loss and obesity management and is the founder of the Epiphany Medical Weight Loss® Program. This program incorporates a low carb diet, intermittent fasting and gut health as well as addressing the psychological factors that cause weight gain and inhibit weight loss such as poor sleep, stress, cravings and food addictions.
Her other interest is mental health. Dr Burns has extensive training in mental health assessment and management. She is experienced in counselling, psychological strategies and is also a hypnotherapist.
Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to aid smoking cessation, weight loss,  phobias, as well as treating anxiety and depression.
Outside of work, Lucy is married with two teenage daughters and lives on a small acreage. The family has 3 horses, a miniature cow, a goat,
2 ducks, 3 dogs, 4 cats, 3 frogs and a bearded dragon-busy times!