Doctor Details
Doctor Name Dr Vijay Jayaraman
Special Interests Alcohol & substance abuse Chronic disease management HPV screening (pap smear) Immunisations Implanon insertion & removal Joint injections Minor surgeries Nursing home visits Skin checks Skin excision & biopsy Travel vaccinations WorkCover Wound Care
Languages English
Department Men’s Health


Dr Vijay is an experienced GP with a special interest in the management of chronic and complex diseases including heart disease, asthma and other respiratory diseases. He has special interests in the management of diabetes and treating various paediatric problems in primary care. Dr Vijay has experience practicing in tertiary paediatric hospitals in India and the United Kingdom.

Dr Vijay performs minor surgical procedures and administers PRP injections to knee, shoulder and smaller joints.

Dr Vijay works with individuals and couples to provide family planning advice. He is accredited with insertion and removal of Implanon contraception devices and performs cervical smear.

Outside of his practice works, Dr Vijay visits with residents at our many nursing home and residential facilities to provide holistic care at all stages of life, including palliative care.

Dr Vijay practices with empathy and takes time to listen to and communicate with his patients.

Dr Vijay is an approved Methadone and Suboxone prescriber, and is experienced in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction in both Australia and the United Kingdom.