Mole Scan & Removal

Mole Scan and Removal

Merriwa Medical Centre mole scan / skin cancer clinic and removal of skin lesions

Our MoleMax HD system is a state of art procedure involving the digital imaging , Archiving and diagnosis of moles and other suspicious lesions.

Molmax HD has the power and accuracy to detect very early skin cancer/melanomas, the new , changing and/or suspicious lesions by monitoring and comparing the images over time.

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All female patients have a female nurse chaperone present during the examination.
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To Help us to provide a good service in time please note:

  • It is important to complete the Mole Scan Consent and Questionnaire Form, print and bring it with you to your appointment.
  • Please bring your medicare card on the day of the consultation as it will be used as a unique identifier for your records on the mole scan system.
  • Please wear loose fitting clothing on the day.
  • Please DO NOT wear any makeup.
  • You will be required to be in undergarments during examination.
  • For a full body mole scan your will require 20 minutes appointments.
  • We do not routinely examine Genitalia, breasts and scalps during the examination unless if you are concerned about skin lesions in those areas.
  • The identified lesions that require excision will be done in a new appointment.

Mole scan appointments are available during opening hours with the following Doctors:

Dr Hannah Williamson

Dr Stephen McChord

Please note: Mole scan appointments will be for skin examinations and will not be used to discuss any other medical issues.