Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic Services

At Mindarie Keys Medical Centre, we offer a wide range of effective and safe non-surgical cosmetic treatments including wrinkle relaxants and dermal fillers.

Treatment List

Consultation fees$90

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Price per unit$5
Frownfrom $200
Foreheadfrom $125
Crow Feet$200 - $300
Masseter Injections For Teeth Grinding$300
Lip Flipfrom $100
Sad Mouth treatmentfrom $100
Eye Brow Lift$350 - $450
Excessive sweating treatmentfrom $750
Gummy Smile Treatment$200

Dermal Fillers

Price per 0.5 ml$350
Price per 1 ml$650
Cheeks Fillersfrom $650
Tear Trough Fillersfrom $650
Lips Fillersfrom $350
Chin and Jawlinefrom $650
Nasolabial Foldsfrom $350
Templefrom $350