Modern Medical Clinics is a Private Billing Practice.  Patients who are eligible for direct billing or reduced fees are patients who have a Veteran Affair’s Gold Card and children under 16 years of age etc. (Please note that Direct Billing is at the full discretion of each of the Medical Practitioners).

All Patients must have a valid Medicare Card.  Patients without a Medicare Card will be required to pay a Private Fee.
Please note that all consultations are payable on the day.

There may be out of pocket expenses associated with some procedures or treatments. Please discuss this with your doctor or team member at the time of your consultation.
Additional fees will apply for:

  • Dressings (non-claimable from Medicare)
  • Iron Infusions
  • Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) / Contraceptive Implants Insertion or Removal
  • Facility fee (non-claimable from Medicare) – this is to cover the cost of consumables etc
  • Vaccinations (non-government and non-claimable from Medicare)

Fee Structure

Monday – Friday:

Consultation TypePrivate FeeConcessionMedicare Rebate
Standard Consultation$81.00 $51.00 $39.00
Extended Consultation$121.00$91.00$75.75
Prolonged Consultation$161.00$131.00$111.50
After Hours & Public Holidays::
(Monday to Friday after 8.00 pm and before 8.00 am, Saturday after 1.00 pm and all-day Sunday & Public Holidays)
Consultation TypePrivate FeeConcessionMedicare Rebate
Standard Consultation$98.00 $39.10 $58.90
Extended Consultation$141.00$75.75$65.25
Prolonged Consultation$180.00$111.50$68.50