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Reflection Psychology is a private psychology practice that provides the highest standard of mental health care. The team of experienced Psychologists who work at Reflection Psychology share a common focus of providing the most authentic and high quality care to clients who are ready to overcome life’s challenges and achieve their goals. Our psychologists at Northland Medical and Dental will not just nod, smile and tell you what you want to hear. Instead we will be guiding, supporting and challenging you to reflect on and understand your experiences. Together we will help you to develop greater insight and effective strategies to get you to where you want to be.

We can assist you in overcoming issues related to:
• Addiction
• Anger Management
• Anxiety
• Child and Adolescent Psychology
• Depression
• Eating Disorder Counselling
• Grief and Loss
• Life Coaching
• Parenting Skills
• Relationship Counselling
• Stress Management
• Trauma Counselling
• Workplace Stress