Dr Negin Attaranmashhadi

Dr Negin Attaranmashhadi

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Dr Negin Attaranmashhadi


Are you seeking a thorough health assessment? Dr. Negin will understand your needs and prioritise your health. With clear communication and a high level of competency in many fields of medicine, Dr. Negin will be able to provide a robust assessment.

Her specialities include:

⚬ Dermatology/Skin Checks.

⚬ Skin Cancer Surgery.

⚬ Women’s Health.

⚬ PreEP and STI screening.

⚬ Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes,  Asthma/COPD, Weight management.

Dr. Negin is a member of the Skin Cancer College Australia. She holds certificates for skin cancer surgeries and Dermoscopy, primarily focusing on skin checks.

She is fluent in Farsi and English.