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Selling Your Practice

Thinking of
selling your practice?

Considering retirement and unsure about suitable succession planning?

Have you decided the administration of your practice is taking you away from your patients and causing too much stress for you?

We can help! We are looking for quality medical practices for our network across Australia.

If you are considering selling your practice for retirement, but you are unable to come up with a suitable way to do so, then Family Doctor can help. With our assistance, you’ll be able to receive a complete package that makes retirement and succession easier to plan, and the process of selling your medical practice in Australia simpler and less daunting.

Family Doctor practices can offer you an excellent package including :

  • GP owned and run, so we understand how to operate and improve medical practices in a non-corporate way;
  • Improving existing facilities for patients and staff alike;
  • Ability to source additional doctors for sites to facilitate the expansion of services and hours;
  • Bring sound practice management skills to allow the practice to flourish;
  • Development of Allied Health services on-site to compliment the medical services in Australia;
  • Allow you to wind down or retire at a pace that suits you

Each of these makes the selling and retirement process smoother, helping you sell your practice while making planning for the facility’s future easier than ever.

If you are interested in having your medical practice join our network, please contact Dr. Rod Aziz on;

Dr Rodney Aziz