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Selling Your Practice

Thinking of selling your practice?

Considering retirement and unsure about suitable succession planning?

Have you decided the administration of your practice is taking you away from your patients and causing too much stress for you?

Only want to consider passing on the reins to another GP who is invested in great patient care?

We can help! We are a GP owner and operated organisation and are looking for quality medical practices for our network across Australia.

If you are considering selling your practice and want to ensure both the continuity of your practice for your staff and patients, and also want to ensure the practice builds on your legacy and delivers positive patient outcomes, then I can help. 

As a fellow general practitioner, I understand the difficulties with running a successful practice and the burdens it imposes on your work/life balance. But I can offer not just a great package, but also a smooth transition where patients are not aware a practice has changed hands, and staff and more assured for their future and the future of the practice.

I can offer you:

    • A fantastic remuneration package that provides an above market lump sum purchase price.
    • GP owned and run, so I understand how to operate and improve medical practices to maximise patient case, not just the bottom line;
    • Improving existing facilities for patients and staff alike;
    • Addition of medical equipment and services that benefit patients, and the practice.
    • Ability to source additional doctors for sites to facilitate the expansion of services and hours;
    • Bring sound practice management skills to allow the practice to flourish;
    • Development of Allied Health services on-site to compliment the medical services in Australia;
    • Allow you to continue to do what you love, see your patients whilst you wind down or retire at a pace that suits you.

All discussions are highly confidential!!

If you are interested in having your medical practice join our network, please contact Dr Rodney Aziz for a confidential discussion on;

Dr Rodney Aziz

Graduate of the University of Melbourne in 1995 (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). Although now in General Practice, I actually started my career in Emergency Medicine. I worked as a Senior Doctor/CMO in Emergency Medicine for over eleven years.  I ultimately decided that I wanted to move on to General Practice where I could build life-long relationships with my patients, and I obtained a fellowship with the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2010. I has also obtained a further fellowship with the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, a Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery, and am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.