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General Practice

General Practice

Patients of all ages are welcome at the Seymour Medical Clinic. Our doctors and nurses are equipped to care for patients through childhood, adolescence, and on throughout life. Our doctors are Visiting Medical Officers at the Seymour Hospital and they can admit their own patients when hospitalisation is required. Our doctors also visit elderly patients living in supported accommodation at Barrabill House and Karingal Seymour. Home visits are not routine but may be arranged in special circumstances.

We aim to promote continuity of care and encourage patients to see the same doctor at each visit. By planning appointments this is usually possible. In acute situations, although your preferred doctor may not be available, we can usually offer you an alternative doctor. Longer appointments are available so please speak to our receptionist about your needs. If you or a family member requires an interpreter this can be arranged but we need to be advised in advance to make the arrangements. Some online appointments are also available and new patients are accepted at the clinic. The new patient form needs to be completed and it can be downloaded from this website.

The clinic offers mixed billing with bulk billing only for pensioners, health care card holders and children under 16 years. See fees and appointments.

When your doctor orders tests they will advise you when they expect results to arrive at the practice. Please contact us to check on your results. If you phone please do so after 11am.

Patients are expected to see a doctor for repeat prescription. Requests by phone will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

Our GPs do not provide routine medical care by phone and email. If you have an urgent question about your care, between appointments, please contact reception. The staff will take a message for your GP if required.

For emergencies at any time please call 000 for assistance. For information about after hours medical services please check our contacts page. Seymour GPs provide after hours care every day of the week through Seymour Hospital. See our contacts page.

General Services

The services available at the clinic cover the full range of general practice activities including check ups, family planning, Pap smears, counselling, vaccinations, nutritional advice, sports medicine, skin checks, chronic disease management, and minor surgery such as the stitching of cuts, removal of moles, sunspots and warts.

Pregnancy Care

Once a pregnancy is confirmed our doctors can refer you for delivery at Kilmore Hospital, or to other specialists or hospitals that are appropriate for you.


Watching children grow, and caring for their health, is a joy for those who work at Seymour Medical Clinic. As we provide regular vaccinations and health checks for 4 year olds the team is also looking out for mum and dad and supporting them as they work to raise healthy, well adjusted young people.

As the children become adolescents many build trusting relationships with our team of doctors and nurses, turning to them for advice about the many health questions that can arise during this important period of change and development. We strive to be a youth friendly practice.

Practice Nurses

Our practice nurses work in the treatment room triaging patients, carrying out a variety of procedures, and assisting our doctors. Practice nurse are also involved in health assessments and planning for chronic disease managment.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

Seymour Medical Clinic has a strong focus on diabetes prevention and care. Patients over 40 years are encouraged to take the diabetes risk assessment. Those who score 12 or more are then tested to exclude diabetes. If diabetes is not present patients are offered the opportunity to work on their risk factors through one to one and group programs.

Where diabetes is present patients are assisted to develop effective self-management strategies drawing on the support of allied health services.

Chronic Disease Management

The staff at Seymour Medical Clinic work to provide wide ranging support to patients with chronic disease. Spirometry is available for the assessment of lung function and the Dexa van visits threee times each year to provide bone density scanning. Self management strategies are encouraged where possible.

Care for senior citizens

Patients aged 75 and over are encouraged to participate in a free annual health assessment which includes a home visit by the practice nurse. The aim of this service is to assist people in this age group to continue living independently with the best possible quality of life. Where additional services may be of assistance the practice nurse will arrange appropriate referrals.

Women’s health

Women’s health has a high priority in the clinic. Pap smears are performed by doctors.

Travel health

We are an accredited travel clinic  providing a complete range of travel vaccinations and travel health care services to individuals, families, corporate and aid groups. The goal of the travel doctor is to protect the travel health of all of our travellers, providing specific updated advice and information for the traveller.


Telehealth allows patients to speak with a medical specialist located in another town, using internet communications provided by the Seymour Medical Clinic. Patients benefit from savings in the time and cost of travel. The specialties currently participating include psychiatry, epileptology, urology, cardiology, and sleep physician, with plans for more to come.

Employment medical checks

Medical employment checks including spriometry, audiology, ECGs, drug and alcohol screens, are available at the clinic. Dr Dwyer and Dr Godwin are qualified to perform aviation medicals.

Sleep Studies

 If your doctor refers you for a sleep study, equipment for sleep studies can be obtained from the clinic so that you can do the test in  your own home.

Closing the Gap

Seymour Medical Clinic is participating in the Closing the Gap program. The program aims to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians better manage their health. Please speak to Sandy of nurse Di if you need more information.

Refugee Health Assessments

A refugee health assessment is available for children, adolescents and adults from a refugee background, including people seeking asylum. Interpreter services can be arranged upon request.