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Medical Specialists


Dr Nilesh Mehta visits once a month on a Monday. Private billing – payment required on the day.  EFTPOS available, cash or cheque. To make an appointment please contact Dr Mehta’s rooms on 9468 0490.  GP referral is required.


A technician is available every fortnight to carry out echocardiograms. Patient referrals go to  FAX 9002 8299. A receptionist will then call the patient to make an appointment. If the matter is urgent the patient may be offered an alternative venue.


Patients with epilepsy can consult with Professor Terence O’Brien using telehealth, after visiting Melbourne for an initial meeting. Please call the Clinic on 5792 1222 for further information. GP referral required.

General Surgery

Ms Betty Lai visits 2 weekly on a Wednesday.  Private billing applies.  Please contact her rooms on 9466 8875 to make an appointment. GP referral required.


Dr Vishnu Sharma, geriatric physician visits every two months on a Thursday. Bulk billing for all patients. Please contact his rooms on 9783 3030 to make an appointment. GP referral required.

Ear Nose & Throat

Dr Muthu Subramaniyan, ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon consults once a month at Seymour Medical Clinic.  Private billing applies.  Please contact his rooms on 0481 991 628 to make an appointment.  GP referral required.

Orthopaedic surgery

Mr Arvind Jain operates at Seymour Hospital and visits Seymour Medical Clinic once a month. Private billing applies.  Please contact his rooms on 9650 7828 for an appointment. GP referral required.




Dr Vijay Raj is a general and child and adolescent psychiatrist. He provides private specialist psychiatric care for patients of all ages. He is interested in the assessment and management of a wide variety of psychiatric conditions including mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Dr Raj has a strong psychotherapeutic leaning and focus in his approach to understanding and treating his patients. He also believes in making the latest technologies and treatment advances available for his patients to provide them care that is uniquely tailored to their needs. To achieve this he uses multiple tools including medications, brain stimulation therapies (tDCS, rTMS and ECT) as well as psychological therapies to deliver the best outcomes.




Telepsychiatry is also available for patients who are managed in general practice and for whom the opinion of a psychiatrist would be beneficial. Appointments are arranged by a GP. Consultations are bulk billed.

Patients of Dr Polonowita are also able to meet with him using telehealth facilities at Seymour Medical Clinic.