Sclerotherapy for Treatment of Spider Veins


Eradicate Spider Veins in the legs

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Treatment

1 x 30 minute treatment   –   $ 300

Usually only one leg is treated per 30 minute treatment session, unless there are only a small amount of spider veins.



Sclerotherapy is the cosmetic treatment of minor veins using injections, and is the treatment of choice to get rid of
unsightly spider veins on the legs.

A special sclerosing solution is injected directly into the vessels, causing a reaction that will eventually destroy them.
Although the treatment involves injections, the needle used is very fine, so pain is not generally a problem.

Patients are able to return to normal daytime activities immediately after their treatment.

Leg Compression Stockings will need to be worn following this treatment.  These are usually available at pharmacies.sc4sc3sc2

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