24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

The purpose of our 24-hour blood pressure monitoring is to keep a close watch on your blood pressure as you go about your daily activities.
We achieve this through the help of a small digital blood pressure machine that is connected to a belt around your body, which is attached to a cuff around the upper part of your arm.
The need to monitor your blood pressure is to check for hypertension, and to also have an idea of what your blood pressure is like throughout the night and day.
We may require a patient to be placed under 24-hour blood pressure monitoring for the following reasons;

  • To know if your blood pressure stays high at night. If we discover that it is high at night, then we may have to change, adjust, or review your medication.
  • To monitor how well your medicines are working and to ascertain if your blood pressure is well controlled both during the day and at night.
  • To know if your blood pressure readings in the clinic differ from what they are at home or away from the clinic.

These are some of the reasons why we may want to put our patients under 24-hour blood pressure monitoring.
For patients with high BP; if you would like to have good control and monitoring of your blood pressure, our practice is the right place to be. We do not take the well-being of our patients lightly, as we understand that medical issues relating to blood pressure, should be well managed and monitored.

How does our 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring work?

Our 24-hour blood pressure monitoring works in the same way as going to the clinic to have your BP checked, although for the monitoring, a digital device that measures your blood pressure throughout the day is worn on your belt or waist, while the cuff is connected to your upper arm. This digital device takes your blood pressure reading at regular intervals throughout the day; normally every 30 minutes during the day and 60 minutes at night.

How do I prepare for 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring?

This is a question that most of our patients ask; the answer here is that you do not need to do anything to prepare for your 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. However, it is good to wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment, so that we can fit the blood pressure monitor properly.

We recommend that our patients should go about their regular daily routine the period of 24hr monitoring.
After the 24 hours, we will remove the device and then access the readings to analyze what it implies and make necessary recommendations to our patients. You can always count on our expertise to deliver the best medical services to our clients, at all times.

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Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions

Why is Iron important?
Our bodies need iron. Iron is used to make haemoglobin – the part of our red blood cells that carries oxygen around our body. It is also important for muscle strength, energy and good mental function. If your iron levels are low this may make you feel tired and not able to do normal daily activities. As the amount of iron in the body falls even lower, the haemoglobin level drops below normal. This is known as iron deficiency anaemia.

Why might I need an Iron Infusion?
The most common way to treat iron deficiency is to take iron by mouth as a tablet or liquid. This works well for most people and is usually tried first. Some people may need iron to be given straight into the body through a vein. This is called an Intravenous (IV) iron infusion. Sometimes 2 iron infusions (given at least 1 week apart) are needed to fully top up iron stores. The infusion is made up of iron, not blood. IV iron might be needed if you:

  • Are not able to take iron tablets / liquid
  • Are not responding to iron tablets / liquid or not absorbing them
  • Need to get your iron levels up quickly (eg. before major surgery, late in pregnancy or to avoid blood transfusion)
  • If you have chronic kidney disease or chronic heart failure Your doctor should explain why you need IV iron and the other options

How do I make an appointment for an Iron Infusion?
You will first need to make a standard consultation appointment with your GP to discuss your current health, medical history, review of medications and any prior treatment if any.  You will also need to have a blood test to determine your current iron levels and your GP will then discuss the next steps. If an Iron Infusion will be beneficial to you, and treatment is deemed appropriate by your GP, an appointment will be scheduled.

Ref: www2.health.vic.gov.au

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GP Registrar Training

GP Registrar training in Wagga Wagga is something this practice has been dedicated to for many years. Below is some relevant information for potential GP Registrars about what our practice can provide.

Message to potential GP Registrars from the Practice Manager

Dear Registrar

Thank you for taking the time to read up about this practice.  Below are a few things I would like to impart to you.  Please do not hesitate to phone me on 02 6922 6855  /  pm@kmcwagga.com.au if you wish to discuss anything.  I would be more than happy to hear from you.

When it comes time for interviews, I am happy to facilitate this via Skype/Messenger if you live outside of Wagga Wagga.

Before you commence:  In my role as Practice Manager, I am heavily focused on ensuring that you the registrar have an optimal training environment. From start to finish you will have my full support.  When joining a medical practice there is a mountain of paperwork that needs to be completed.  I will complete and send off all your paperwork before you commence here, and just have you fill-in any items that I cannot.  Your name will be included on all our letterheads, signage and website etc.

Accommodation:    If you want me to assist you with finding suitable accommodation I can help you.  You may wish to travel to Wagga Wagga to look around the area.  I would be happy to drive you around and show you suitable areas etc.  I even have a tried and proven Air B&B who are happy to give long term accommodation to our registrars.  This is located within easy walking distance to this practice and the Kooringal Shopping Mall, which is located next door to this practice (supermarket, post office, pharmacy, eateries, newsagent etc).

Day One:   Your orientation on your first day will include dedicated sessions with a GP Supervisor, nursing staff and myself.  Your appointment schedule will be set-up according to your experience and in consultation with yourself.  You will never be put under any pressure to increase your patient load. Should you require a flexible schedule I will do everything I can to facilitate this (e.g. cannot consult between 3-3:45 pm as you need to pick children up from school each day).  We always have more than enough patients to go around and you will not find yourself with a half empty appointment book.  You will be given a roster listing all your weekly in-house tutorials for the entire term.  Also you will be issued with your own set of keys to our premises and your own alarm code. The entire team at this practice will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and a part of our team.

Car Parking:   We have off street parking for you, and all our doctors, at the rear of our building.

Staffing resources available to you:    Of course I will always be available whenever you need me; however we have excellent reception staff who are very experienced in working with registrars and who will give you all the help you need.  We also have three RN’s and two EN’s on staff, all of whom are very experienced and who will prove to be a great resource for you.

In conclusion:   I can tell you with all sincerity, that every effort will be made to make your training experience not only as productive as possible but a memorable one for all the right reasons.   We truly have a very experienced, high quality team of doctors only too willing to assist you in any way to achieve your Fellowship goal.  You will always be considered as one of our team and treated with thoughtfulness and respect. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss anything further (pm@kmcwagga.com.au).

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