Please note: effective 1st September 2022 there will be an increase in fees. Bulk billing for all concession card holders and patients under 16. Chronic Disease Management plans and Health Assessments will be bulk billed.


New patients will be privately billed as per the Fee Schedule below.
Existing patients with health care cards or pension cards may be bulk billed at the discretion of the doctor.
Please note that no bulk billing applies after 3 pm (private fees only apply)

Consultation Type Fee Medicare Rebate  Out of Pocket 
Standard $75.00 $41.40 $33.60
Long $120.00 $80.10 $39.90
Extended $150.00 $118.00 $32.00

After hours are defined on Saturday and Sunday.

What is mixed billing?

Mixed billing allows us to provide the highest quality of care while still catering for our patients with the greatest need.

Bulk-billing is available to the following patient groups for the majority of consultation types:

  • DVA Gold Card Holders (& White Card Holders for entitled conditions)

private fee applies for patients who are not eligible under the above bulk billing criteria.