Aspendale Clinic is constantly striving towards maintaining a family friendly environment for our patients. Staff hold regular meetings and share input and ideas to keep our patients happy. Aspendale Clinic holds our patient feedback in high regards. Aspendale Clinic during a pandemic (COVID-19) worked together as a team to provide a safe environment for its patients and staff. During the pandemic (COVID-19) Aspendale Clinic adhered to the legislative  guidelines from the Victorian Government and Chief Medical Officer as well as other relevant departments such as SEMPHN and DHS and RACGP.

Vision Statement

Aspendale Clinic works to maintain a high standard for our family clinic. Staff clinical and nonclinical must keep up to date with educations and all areas of their position to ensure an ongoing successful Clinic. During the current pandemic (COVID-19) all staff were kept up to date with all the information that was provided from the RACGP, the Victorian Government, the SEMPHN.