Welcome to

Lilydale Medical Centre

The Lilydale Medical Centre  provides comprehensive primary care in a friendly, traditional style, yet incorporates the latest advances in medicine and information management. Open for 7 days.

Welcome to Lilydale Medical Center

The Medical Centre is located at the corner of Anderson and Main Street, Lilydale. Our contemporary centre offers a diverse range of Medical and Associated services. Browse our website for more information about Lilydale Medical Center.

Mission Statement – Lilydale Medical Centre

We aim to provide patients with primary, comprehensive, continuous and confidential medical care, in all aspects of family medicine. We make every effort to provide this service in a friendly, caring, professional environment.

We have a “duty of care” and will attend to all emergency cases as quickly as possible. We will at all times endeavor to treat patients courteously and with respect to their individual needs.

Top-Quality Medical Care in Lilydale Medical Centre

You can trust the experienced Doctors at  Lilydale Medical Centre to give you and your family the care they need to stay healthy and happy. We’ll work with you to understand your individual needs and provide the appropriate care, with the help of qualified doctors who have treated many different patients with different needs.

We have the resources and experience needed to treat you and your family. Learn more about our team of experienced medical professionals and contact us online to book an appointment with us today.

Meet Our Doctors at Lilydale Medical Center

Dr. Tony Templer

Dr. Mike Hewson

Dr. Michael Kreltszheim

Dr. Alison Murray

Dr Gurcharan Singh Ubhi

Dr Win Bo

Dr Chris Fildes

Dr Stan Osman

Dr Geoffrey Broomhall

Dr Andrew McIntosh